Craig Nolly and Richard Toon - Abacus New Plymouth

Craig comes to us. He’s listened to our goals, our investment needs and our insurance needs & he’s sold us products that fit best to suit our lifestyle.
Louis & Barbara Kuriger

Craig has really looked after us, He’s gone and got the best deals. That’s his job.
Ross & Shelley Clark

Dealing with a specialist company like Abacus is vital. That relationship thing is absolutely important because you know someone is going to bat for you.
Steve Day, MD Pace Engineering

I am truly grateful to Jamie and consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have received the benefit of his astute advice and assistance.
- J. F. Pickett

It has felt very good to know we have Richard and the team at Abacus Group Ltd on our side.
- Brian and Tracey Downes

Richard bent over backwards in his endeavours to help us every step of the way through the claim, making the process as simple as possible.
- John & Carole Lynskey


Why Abacus Group and not my bank?

Our values are clearly defined and shared with each and every client. We are always looking for improvement while considering our clients individually. At all times we ask “is this the right thing to do” – because we all matter.

Do I need to use a Financial Advisor like Abacus Group?

Yes. If you contact an underwriting company such as Sovereign, AMP, One Path or AIA directly they will direct you to a specialist in your area. Underwriting companies like those listed develop insurance products in response to consumer demand. These companies do not sell directly to consumers as they don’t have the skills required to analyse your needs and present the best solutions.

Abacus advocates on your behalf to the underwriting company that has the best product for you. And with our years of experience we are in a very strong position to negotiate the best deal. We are specialists with a suite of products from a range of underwriting companies at our finger tips.

How much will it cost to use Abacus Group?

Nothing!  Abacus does not charge you for services provided.  Abacus receives commission from the underwriting insurance company you choose.

How do I know I’m getting good value for money?

As with many products and services, there is a range of prices and a range of quality within each product category. Our advisors can show you what benefits you can expect from the various insurance products and how each product and underwriting company ranks according to industry measurements. We take away the guess work.

How often do I need to review my cover?

It is a good idea to meet with your Insurance Advisor regularly to review your policies. It is common for people to have changes in their circumstances and not adjust their cover accordingly. Your advisor can assist you in increasing/decreasing your cover as appropriate, or assist you in restructuring your cover so you know it is relevant and covers you for your current needs.

Changes in circumstances can include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage or civil union
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Birth or adoption
  • Salary/income increases or decreases
  • Mortgage increases or decreases
  • Other increases or decreases in business or personal financial risk

What is the claims process?

Generally speaking the following steps are necessary to make a claim:
  • Contact Abacus Group and let us help you with your claim
  • Collate all required documentation and evidence
  • We will forward the completed documentation to your underwriting company
  • Abacus will assist you throughout this process