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Craig comes to us. He’s listened to our goals, our investment needs and our insurance needs & he’s sold us products that fit best to suit our lifestyle.
Louis & Barbara Kuriger

Craig has really looked after us, He’s gone and got the best deals. That’s his job.
Ross & Shelley Clark

Dealing with a specialist company like Abacus is vital. That relationship thing is absolutely important because you know someone is going to bat for you.
Steve Day, MD Pace Engineering

I am truly grateful to Jamie and consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have received the benefit of his astute advice and assistance.
- J. F. Pickett

It has felt very good to know we have Richard and the team at Abacus Group Ltd on our side.
- Brian and Tracey Downes

Richard bent over backwards in his endeavours to help us every step of the way through the claim, making the process as simple as possible.
- John & Carole Lynskey

Providing the right insurance products for you in the Taranaki and Waikato region.

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Aug 25, 2014

Craig Nolly reveals his personal story

Abacus director Craig Nolly reveals his personal story of his recent hip replacement surgery as an insurance client not an adviser.

My life has undergone a dramatic change with the benefit of medical and income protection insurance, which paid for my replacement hip surgery and eight worry free weeks off work.

For the first time I discovered how so many of our clients have felt before the uncertainty of major surgery. I was a little scared to be honest. At 52 years old I had never as much as had a broken bone. Every prior visit to my GP seemed an exercise in affirmation of my great health.

My condition started back in 2008 and over the five or more years prior to my surgery I had consulted many medical specialists including a specialist in pain itself to determine the root cause of my decreasing ability to enjoy a walk or exercise without pain. By the time I decided that hip replacement surgery was my only option I had become extremely grumpy and short tempered, even a short stroll to the letter box in the morning started the daily pain all over again.

My fear was not only for the surgery ,but how long would my recovery take and if things went badly due to infection how would my business cope and what impact would this have on my business partner, our staff, my wife and family.

I know I was prepared for this financially with the benefit of medical & income protection cover. I had purchased these more than two decades ago with no hint of needing it and reviewed it regularly.

For me the emotional need to become a happy person again and live life without pain or restriction finally came on my first day back to work at the beginning of this year, January 13th 2014. I decided on that day that I was no prepared to struggle painfully through another year like the previous and hip replacement surgery was scheduled for the following Monday. Sovereign Assurance like they do for many of my clients sent a claims officer who assessed and understood my situation and approving both my surgery costs and income cover for however long it took for me to return to work.

Surgery was performed in the Southern Cross Hospital. I was blown away by the nursing care which included personalised meal choices and my own private room for a 5days.

My recovery at home with no financial worry allowed me time for clear thoughts without the added pressure of paying the bills. My emotional paralysis that left me unable to make life changing decisions had been lifted. This time was precious, allowing me to revisit what was important to me and my family.

Time made available with the luxury of insurance.

Gosh it never rains but it pours they say. Upon my return to work I found myself in hospital a month later with a hernia and needing surgery again. This was scheduled immediately and in less than a week I was back at work.

After years of discomfort I was now living life pain free and having fun again!

Insurance bought me much, much more than reimbursement of surgery and income; it’s given me a new direction in my life made possible by allowing a stress free environment for recovery.

I am truly grateful for the knowledge of insurance and understand first hand the many benefits it offers at our time of need.

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