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Craig comes to us. He’s listened to our goals, our investment needs and our insurance needs & he’s sold us products that fit best to suit our lifestyle.
Louis & Barbara Kuriger

Craig has really looked after us, He’s gone and got the best deals. That’s his job.
Ross & Shelley Clark

Dealing with a specialist company like Abacus is vital. That relationship thing is absolutely important because you know someone is going to bat for you.
Steve Day, MD Pace Engineering

I am truly grateful to Jamie and consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have received the benefit of his astute advice and assistance.
- J. F. Pickett

It has felt very good to know we have Richard and the team at Abacus Group Ltd on our side.
- Brian and Tracey Downes

Richard bent over backwards in his endeavours to help us every step of the way through the claim, making the process as simple as possible.
- John & Carole Lynskey

Holiday of a lifetime became a descent into hell

Abacus Values
Mar 21, 2014

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Effective health and safety in your workplace, whether in the office or on the farm, can help to keep your employees happy and productive, and also reduce the human and business costs of injuries. Every year thousands of New Zealanders are killed or injured at work, or suffer from a work-related disease, resulting in huge personal, social and financial costs.

Here’s some food for thought:

  • New Zealand has about 470,000 workplaces and 2.2 million workers
  • 102 deaths (2008-10 average) are recorded in the official work-related fatality statistics.
  • Work-related disease leads to an estimated 516-804 deaths and 17,000-20,000 new cases a year – asthma, work-related cancer, and musculoskeletal disorders are big contributors
  • 5 out of 10 males and 7 out of 10 females aged 25 years are likely to become disabled due to an illness or accident before they turn 65

You determine the lifestyle you lead, and your income is your ticket to that lifestyle. Protecting your income if an unexpected illness or injury occurs can provide financial stability to recover and return to the lifestyle you enjoy.

There are tools available to ensure that death, sickness or disablement inside and outside of the workplace does not leave you in a sticky situation. Trauma Cover or Living Assurance provides you with a one off lump sum payment to reduce the strain, both financially and emotionally, of dealing with a serious illness or injury. A heart attack, stroke or cancer are traumatic enough events without having to worry about the financial strain they pose to you and your family. Income protection on the other hand, pays a percentage of your lost income to ensure that you and your family maintain your current lifestyle should you be unable to work due to illness or injury. Business owners and farmers can even opt to adjust their ACC Levy payments and buy income protection cover, which gives certainty come claim time, whereas ACC covers injury only and is more ambiguous in its payouts.

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for their workers. The work environment, if not well managed can be a risky place. Fatigued workers are more prone to accidents; various factors can combine to create pain, discomfort and injury, and noisy environments could lead to permanent hearing loss. YOU are responsible for your own personal risk plan. Ensuring steps are taken so you know you are covered is one of the best decisions you can make.

For more information give us a call on 06 7590111 or Contact Us to make an enquiry.

Safety often comes down to making the right choices, rather than luck. Check out our gallery of cowboys! The Health and Safety Gold Award goes to . . . (Personal Favourite Photo#7)





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    Aug 16, 2018
    Craig Nolly and Richard Toon are in Cuba, celebrating 30 years in business together and 20 years since they formed Abacus Group, an insurance advisory business. Their wives Caroline Nolly and Grazia Toon are with them. Then a catastrophe strikes Craig down and he nearly dies.
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    The provincial hospital in Matanzas where Craig had three emergency surgeries looked good from the outside, but standards, experience and facilities were extremely lacking.

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    Aug 16, 2018


    Richard: “Remember virtually nobody could speak English and we had no Spanish. There was also an underlying culture we didn’t know about until later, that you just had to go along with the system. Being loud and pushy wouldn’t work, we just had to be very patient.